Sponsorship Jerseys

Activities Directors, Coaches and Officials:


We sent an email out yesterday referencing the sponsorship jerseys for use during warm-ups and we have received several inquiries regarding what is legal to wear in games played under NFHS rules.  Sponsorship jerseys are not allowed by rule, as players need to be properly and legally equipped upon entering the ice. 



Realizing that several schools had these jerseys already, we sent out the interpretation allowing these jerseys provided that they had a number on the back of the jersey as specified in rule 2-1-2.  This interpretation was written with safety of the players in mind as game officials and personnel need to identify players who are participating in warm-ups for a variety of reasons.  If an on-ice incident were to occur, officials and coaches would not have the ability to identify the players involved.  It is important that officials have this ability to maintain the highest level of safety for our players throughout the contest. 


Sponsorship jerseys will be allowed for this year, however they are prohibited by rule and will not be allowed for use beyond this season.  If a team does use sponsorship jerseys during this season, it is highly encouraged, though not required that numbers be visible to the officials and bench personnel.


Thank you for your dedication to the sport of hockey and your support of player safety initiatives in all League sponsored events.

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