Independent Contractor Form

Independent Contractor Form

THIS INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made and entered day of into as of this date, by and between the MINNEAPOLIS HOCKEY OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION ("MHOA"), a Minnesota non-profit corporation, whose principle place of business is located at 3260 Maureen Lane, Stillwater, MN 55082 and name entered upon form submital (hereinafter referred to as "Official").


1.1 MHOA is a Minnesota non-profit corporation that is engaged in assigning officials for high school hockey.

1.2 Official has been contracted to perform officiating services for the MHOA.

1.3 NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties

hereto covenant and agree as follows:

            2.Agreement of Independent Contractor Status.

2.1 MHOA and Official hereby agree that the services performed by the Official for the MHOA are performed as an

independent contractor and not as an employee. The parties agree and acknowledge that Official is engaged in the

independent trade of providing officiating services, and is free from the MHOA's control and direction in the

performance of his or her services, subject to provision in sub-paragraph 2.3.

2.2 The Official is an independent contractor for all purposes related to the performance of officiating and officiating

related work, including travel to and from games, meetings, seminars, camps and clinics or other similar activities.

2.3 In performance of the coordinating services under this Agreement, the parties agree and acknowledge as follows.

2.3.1 Official does not and is not required to officiate exclusively for MHOA;

2.3.2 MHOA will not oversee and direct the actual officiating by the Official on a regular basis, except in

unusual circumstances; and except further that MHOA reserves the right to periodically evaluate the

performance of Official;

2.3.3 The Official's services will be paid for on the basis of a contract rate per game, rather than a salary

or hourly rate. Any payments paid to Contractor by the MHOA is on behalf of the high schools for which

MHOA assigns officials.. The actual revenue source for such payments are provided by the member


2.3.4 MHOA will not terminate the performance of Official's services during the term of this Agreement

unless Official fails to produce a result that meets the specifications and performances required of an MHOA


2.3.5 MHOA will provide training sessions for Official prior to the season to provide instruction concerning

rules and procedures;

2.3.6 MHOA will not provide benefits (including, but not limited to health insurance, life insurance, workers'

compensation insurance, etc.) to Official, nor will MHOA supply necessary officiating equipment.

The MHOA recommends that the Official purchases the National Association of Sports Official (NASO)

insurance package.

            2.3.7 To the extent that Official performs coordinating services under a trade or business name, the check

            will be made payable for coordinating services performed by Official to such trade or business name; and

            2.3.8 The parties will not combine their business operations in any way, i.e., Official shall not represent or

            otherwise act as if he/she is an MHOA employee or is involved in a joint venture or partnership with MHOA,

            but both parties will instead maintain their respective businesses as separate and distinct. 

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